Beautiful but chaotic, Taormina remains one of the most popular tourist destinations, but also one of the most busiest in the summer.

Are you looking for a place to stay in Taormina?

Well, you must know that there are two scenarios which may arise:

take a b&b in the center of the town and you will running around in circles to find a free parking, every time you come back to the seaside. Than in the night when you want to go to sleep, you hear all the local noise, open until 2 p.m.

you have look our photos in our website ( and you choose to come in our guest hose. We could not imagine the best scenario for you. Why?

Because Sciccosa is a few a few kilometers from the center!

Our structure is equipped of everything you want! A beautiful panoramic swimmingpool and a big solarium for starters. We have also a beautiful garden to live. We don0t have a private parking, but you don’t have to running in a circle before finding it without pay! The quiet area will allow you to park for free just near the structure.

10 tappe per un viaggio on the road

Scarica la nostra guida alle "10 tappe per un viaggio on the road alla ricerca delle mete più belle della Sicilia".

And in the night?

During the night you will sleep with any noise coming from outside, becaus at Sciccosa

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