Relax lovers are dying out, you know?

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Today, “people work too fast ” and who won’t change is wiped out.

It has happened to many people and also happen to others. I useless to complain!

Take for example the villeggianti, those who like to stay in one location for a long time: they were more than thousands now there is less than a few hundred.

Maybe you’ll be thinking, “What does have in common vacationers with relax lovers?”
Well, Let me tell you: there are a deep resonance.

If you are a relax lover too and you don’t want to dying out, there are three major pitfalls that you might fall:

  1. Low cost holidays & last minute
    When someone proposing you this type of holidays, you say “”no, thank you””. The real “”relax”” in this type of holidays is not included.
  2. City break
    Paris, London, Rome, Berlin or Madrid. If you choose one of these destinations for your holidays you’ll not relax, but: wake up early, walking shoes and long treks to reach the historic monument or shopping streets.
  3. Cruise
    “I climb aboard and relax” you think when you booked. Doesn’t get more wrong! Dou want to make a real splash in the swimming pool? Is al always packed! The buffet? It is not what you imagined. Be lulled by the waves? It means having often seasick.

Do you want to fall into these traps?
We think the answer is no!

And here’s our suggestion:

Imagine staying in a guest house ready to welcome your desire to relax with …

Tastefully furnished rooms, an overhanging swimming pool with panoramic view, surrounded by greenery with a terrace. Away from city life but close to beaches and the major centers of interest.”

Do you like the idea?

BOOK NOW one of our rooms, call the 0942 23715 or send us an email to info@sciccosa.com

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