How to Spend a day in Taormina, Sicily

If you’ve not heard of Taormina, it’s a UNESCO World Heritage town spectacularly perched on the side of a mountain close to the foot of Mount Etna. Located on the east side of the island with the closest airport being Catania, it is easy to see why Ernest Hemingway (apparently) said “it’s so pretty it hurts to look”.

A true Sicilian town

Taormina has every Sicilian cliché you can find, no lie. Turn one corner and you’ll find stacks of crates overflowing with citrus fruit and giant lemons. Shop windows are full to the brim with cannoli, there’s also endless gelato stands.

It’s 100% worth a day pit-stop. The town deserves a visit if not just for its ancient archaeological theatre, beautiful gardens, people watching and breathtaking views. You can go for a walk to the beach with a wander over to Isola Bella.

And the views…

The views in Taormina are something else. Everywhere you turn you’ve got one. Whether its the rolling hills with Sicilian houses that you dream of living in one day, or the Ionian Sea with its glittering turquoise colours.

Wandering up through the town along the Corso Umberto discovering boutique art, galleries and gift shops that sell Sicilian trinkets and souvenirs, this popular street goes all the way from Porta Messina, a gate in the North end of town, to Porta Catania, a gate in the South end of town.

Food is everything

In Italy, and especially Sicily, food is EVERYTHING. It plays a huge part of everyday life and no trip would be complete without trying all its traditional dishes.
Granita time!
Eat a granita (a semi-frozen dessert made from sugar, water and various flavourings) try cannoli and before leaving, go to restaurant to taste our traditional dishes and wines!

Just one day isn’t enough to visit Taormina!

We suggest you to stay for at least two or three nights, discover our offers for the weekends!

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