3 photos tell the true essence of Sicily (in our opinion)!

Things to see in Sicily are too many.

For this reason, we selected three beautiful photos that, in our opinion, contain and embody the perfection of the Sicilian spirit.
Good view!
1. The port of Ortigia
Ortigia is a small island that encloses the historic center of Syracuse, its port is truly incredible because it is a private port made up of floating docks and a mooring capacity for 150 boats, all colorful, all beautiful!
  1. Taormina ancient theater 

Starting in the 1950s, the theater was used as an outdoor theatrical structure for various forms of entertainment ranging from theater to concerts, from award ceremonies to symphonic concerts, from opera to ballet. Since 1983 hosted: Taormina Arte, a show that takes place every year during the summer, and also Taormina Film Fest.
  1. Cefalù Village
Cefalù is a renowned Sicilian seaside resort, and has been included among the most beautiful villages in Italy. It is located in the province of Palermo, among the things to see there is the Cathedral of the city, the village and the beaches.
Sicily is just like that, every corner is like a postcard.
If you are going to spending your holidays in our beautiful island, Sciccosa Guest House can be the springboard to immerse yourself in the Sicilian culture.
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