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Start from Taormina to explore the whole Sicily

Taormina can be the perfect stepping-stone to immerse yourself in sicilian culture, follow our roadmap and you don’t forget to visit nothing about the island.

Start here, the town is a succession of streets, squares and charming buildings like Palazzo Corvaja, a beautiful architectural example from 14th century in catalan-gothic style, and the baroque church of Santa Caterina d’Alessandria.

The real pearl is Teatro Greco (III sec. a.C.), a feast for the eyes. Carried out in a particular panoramic point, the theater is the second largest of the enrtire Sicily after Syracuse. In these theather taking place the main cultural summer events like “Taormina Arte”, an international festival of arts, which is traditionally appreciated for its full calendar of music, theater, dance and cinema.

Which way to the sea?

To get to the sea people can take the cable car that leads into “spiaggia di Mazzarò”, a rare and beautiful creek bounded by Capo Sant’Andrea above which there is Isola Bella, beloved by everybody. A cristal sea with a very clear water, beautiful beaches, the best in all of Sicily.

From Taormina in less than an hour you get to Catania.

Via Etnea is the street that running right through the city. A walk in this way it’s enogh to realize the extraordinary beauties of Catania and understand the reason why its baroque historic center was declared a Unesco World Heritage Site in 2002. To come and visit: “la Collegiata”, the church of Santa Maria Santissima dell’Elemosina, piazza Duomo with the cathedral of Sant’Agata, the patron saint. In front of Doumo, right in the middle of the square there is “u Liotru”, he elephant statue with an obelique on it, the symbol of Catania. These work was realized in 1737 by the architect Giovanni Battista Vaccarini and represents the three civilizations: Punic (the elephant is the symbol of the defeat of the Carthaginians), the Egyptian (with the presence of the obelisk, brought to Catania at the time of Crusades) Christian, with the cross mounted on the obelisk.

From Taormina start excursions to the famous vulcan Etna.

During winter season above 1000 m, there is snow which remains in the summer time, for the reason there are also two ski resorts so you could skiing in fresh snow but with the possibility to observe the sea. From Rifugio Sapienza,in the territory of Nicolosi, it’s possible to admire the entire gulf of and the Simeto valley.

Veri close by these place you can visit also: Giardini Naxos, Letojanni e S. Alessio.

Giardini is a mix of trendy bars and nightclubs open. You can visit also the archaeological museum and the vast area of the ancien Naxos and you can take a dip in the icy waters of Alcantara almost famous for its waterfalls and especially for its amazing and beautiful gorges.

Letojanni and S. Alessio instead are the ideal destinations for a nice walk near the sea and for the excellent restaurants. You can’t really lose a visit to church SS. Pietro e Paolo, a basilian church very unique in the world for it’s inestimable value and beauty.



  • Baia di Isola Bella 3,5 km
  • Baia di Mazzarò 3,7 km
  • Duomo di Taormina 5,5 km
  • Teatro Greco 6 km
  • Castelmola 9 km
  • Giardini Naxos 2,8 km
  • Gole Alcantara 20 km
  • Forza d’Agro 18 km
  • Etna 34 km
  • Acireale 40 km
  • Acitrezza 44 km
  • Catania 50 km
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